Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog update

Dear (dear dear) readers,

As of today (Friday, June 10), Lunch Break Haiku will, most likely, be updated during the weekdays only (this means 5 posts-- or 85 syllables-- per week, instead of the usual 7). For the next couple of weeks, the timing of these weekday posts may stretch the bounds of what could reasonably be called "the lunch hours," as I sort out a new lifestyle in a new environment. That said, I look forward to continuing the (fledgling) tradition of haiku writing on this blog, and I so very much appreciate everyone's readership and support.

With light,

L.V. Newc


  1. Oh, no! Where will I get my dose of poetry on the weekends? I'm going to go have to get a book from the library or something absurd like that, lol. But in seriousness, I hope the transition goes well for you :-)

  2. SPEAKING of books, have you ever thought of compiling all these haikus into a book and mking millions? You could. You should. Have so much fun in Maine, let me know when a good time to visit would be!!!!!


  3. oh, shucks! you ladies make my life <3